The Certiverse Team brings deep dedication and decades of industry experience to our roles, with expertise in product development, psychometrics, testing operations, certification program management, marketing, security, and more.

We have stood in your shoes and faced your challenges. We believe that the test development process is primed for innovation. And we knew that by leveraging new technologies, we could make it faster, less expensive, and more equitable. At Certiverse, we’ve changed the model for exam development to achieve all these goals — and we’re just getting started.

Product Development/Technology


Ruben Arturo Garcia
Based: Chicago, IL

UX/UI Designer

Clara Benitez
Based: Asunción, Paraguay

Product Advisor

Lance Blackstone
Based: Bangor, ME

Software Developer

Carlos Buffa Ortíz
Based: Asunción, Paraguay

Product Specialist

Rocio Guerrero
Based: Riverside, IL

Frontend Engineer

Shafaq Kazmi
Based: Berlin

Senior Architect and Dev Ops

Federico Javier López Bertoni
Based: Asunción, Paraguay

Chief Psychometrician

Alan Mead, Ph.D.
Based: Lockport, IL

Chief Technology Officer

Tyler Meadlin
Based: Austin, TX


Senior Architect

Pablo Meyer
Based: Asunción, Paraguay

UX Specialist

Paola Morales
Based: Asunción, Paraguay

Quality & Product Specialist

Nicole Minasola
Based: Chicago, IL

Software Engineer

Alejandro Reynot Llano
Based: Asunción, Paraguay


Software Developer

Jorge Santiago Dure
Based: Asunción, Paraguay

Chief Product Officer

David Pascal
Based: Evanston, IL

Psychometric Researcher

Chenxuan Zhou
Based: Chicago, IL

Customer Success/Operations

Director of Implementation

Christopher Allan
Based: Chicago, IL


Director of Customer Experience

Jeannine Bailey
Based: Chicago, IL

Chief Operating Officer

Jill Burroughs
Based: Aurora, IL

Client Program Manager

Deya Romero
Based: Chicago, IL

Client Services Specialist

Denise Hanson
Based: Kansas City, KS


Business Development/Marketing

VP, Business Development

Abby Attieh
Based: Bethlehem, PA


Creative Lead

Mollie Baker
Based: Charlotte, NC

VP, Marketing

Andria Brown
Based: Memphis, TN

Chief Revenue Officer

Patrick Coates
Based: York, UK

Director of Business Development

Byinna Crowder
Based: Raleigh, NC


Customer Advocacy Advisor

Maurilio Gorito
Based: Sacramento, CA

Digital Marketing Strategist

Amber Hudson
Based: Eagle, ID

Marketing Associate

Ashton McKinney
Based: Chicago, IL