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Translate your organizations knowledge into industry recognition.

As an authority in your field, you understand what skills and knowledge your professional community needs to have. Creating a certification, assessment, or microcredential is an effective way to increase your organization’s standing, build an ongoing revenue stream, and ensure that those working in your field are competent and qualified. But if you aren’t an expert in test development, where do you start? The answer is Certiverse.

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Certiverse was designed with test development expertise built in, so you can create valid exams without being a certification expert.

Certiverse has transformed the test development process, using AI and machine learning to guide contributors as they create content.

Leading you through every step of the process, the innovative Certiverse platform:



Allows subject matter experts (SMEs) to work anywhere with an internet connection, whenever it’s most convenient for them


Provides clear system prompts to help your SMEs contribute high-quality exam items


Builds in rigorous psychometric standards to ensure your test evaluates the right things, the right way

Best of all, with a pricing model that saves you an average of 80% (and often more) over traditional exam development, tests can be created with minimal upfront costs to your organization.


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