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Traditional test development methods are time-consuming and expensive for exam sponsors, and those costs get passed along to learners and aspiring professionals.

And because the standard exam development process is long, by the time an exam is developed and launched, the information it covers could already be outdated, devaluing the results for test-takers as well as the industries seeking to validate their knowledge.

Certiverse removes obstacles that keep potential test sponsors, content experts, and test-takers out of the process to ensure that the science of validating knowledge better addresses the urgency, diversity, and economics of the real world.”

We were driven to develop a better model that creates high-quality exam content in a more efficient and scalable way. 


Bring greater opportunities to learners by innovating test development and delivery.

Transform the industry using technology to democratize testing and make it more efficient and inclusive.

Reduce cost, increase speed-to-market, and eliminate barriers to entry, making testing more accessible to all.



A serial entrepreneur, inventor and patent-holder, Ruben Arturo Garcia invented remote proctoring technologies in 2008 (acquired by PSI Services), significantly driving down overall exam costs and providing greater access to test-takers.

Certiverse’s vision is to do the same for exam content by developing technologies and a marketplace where content experts can contribute asynchronously to leading industry exams, significantly reducing test launch costs, creating competition, and ultimately bringing value and options to the learner. The Certiverse team is passionate about moving the industry forward through a scalable testing solution that’s more equitable and available to all.

Certiverse uses the latest technology to ensure that exam sponsors and expert contributors are set up for success.

Our system builds in psychometric rigor from beginning to end to ensure that the exams are valid. Feedback and guidance are provided throughout the process to help subject matter experts provide high-quality information easily and efficiently, greatly reducing exams’ go-to-market time.

With Certiverse, in-person item writing meetings are a thing of the past.

Your community of experts can now work around their schedules and contribute valuable knowledge when it’s convenient for them. By reducing the time and budget needed to author tests, we break the barriers that prevent new or smaller exam sponsors from launching new certifications.

Reach out today to discuss how Certiverse can help you launch something new.