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As an experienced test sponsor, you know that exam development is often both slow and expensive.

If your credential tests on time-sensitive processes or product knowledge, your exam content may be outdated soon after it’s launched. And proctoring fees to help protect that expensive content can further increase your costs and put exam fees out of reach for candidates.

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Certiverse uses AI, machine learning and natural language processing to enforce psychometric best practices throughout the exam development process, thereby helping to ensure a valid, high-quality exam that eliminates the need for costly in-person workshops or endless Zoom meetings with SMEs.

Certiverse greatly accelerates the exam development process while reducing cost and ensuring psychometric validity.


Our industry-transforming platform:



Compresses the exam development timeline, so you can bring new exams to market quickly while demand for the credential is the greatest


Helps eliminate exam bias by leveraging a larger, more diverse pool of item writers


Allows you to increase access to your test by producing more quality items at scale and thereby reduce the need for expensive live proctoring

Discover how Certiverses approach to exam development can help accelerate your programs growth.


With our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model, you pay only for the level of exam development support you need. You're free to use your existing test driver or choose our delivery option for even greater savings.


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