The Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate Exam

During the global pandemic, The Linux Foundation successfully launched a new certification — created in record time and at minimal cost.

This was possible because the Certiverse solution truly innovates the processes to build exam content: global sourcing of subject matter experts (SMEs); asynchronous, online authoring; built-in, AI-guided training; and not a single meeting —virtual or in-person — required for SMEs!

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Accelerated Timeline

From initial exam development to full launch in less than 4 months — during a pandemic!


Supercharged JTA

A dozen subject matter experts (SMEs) worked an average of 35 minutes each to complete the job task analysis


Global Representation

23 diverse SMEs representing 13 countries and 5 continents contributed to item writing



Contributors were motivated by gamification and the opportunity to earn royalties from exam items


What contributors have to say about the Certiverse platform...

I liked that I could work on the weekends and didn't have to take time off my work to contribute.”

You can always go back and forth to change items. You can leave it mid-way and complete it later. I liked how the platform takes you step-by-step to the completion of the item. It was user friendly.”

The helpful feedback of others was the best. The leaderboard was nice too, gamification works.”

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