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Your expertise has value.

If you’re a current certificant, an experienced professional in your field, or other subject matter expert (SME), being an exam content author is an opportunity to give back to your industry. You'll also elevate your role by contributing to new or evolving certifications and be rewarded for it, too.


Write Exam Questions

Design fair yet challenging questions that accurately gauge candidates’ knowledge. No test development experience required to share your expertise Certiverse guides you step by step.


Review Exam Questions

As a content author, you’ll also review questions written by peers to ensure only the highest quality items make it into the exam.


Get Rewarded

Exam sponsors can recognize item authors with Certiverse rewards, external badging, and/or a percentage of exam earnings.

Current SME Opportunities

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 9.53.06 AMCIW Certifications

Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialists

Multimedia Specialists

E-Commerce Service Specialists

Mobile Application Developer


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