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Stripe is developing a suite of certification exams to validate the skills of professionals who support critical infrastructure.

We need full-stack developers with functional expertise in Stripe to help develop these exams.  


E-Commerce Developer 

This exam will test a candidate’s knowledge of Stripe API integration in a variety of online use cases and validate the candidate’s knowledge of Stripe’s e-commerce functionality 


Just as those earning Stripe certification can expect career benefits from third-party validation of their expertise, those participating in the exam development process will be able to assert an even higher level of accomplishment—that of being a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in payment technologies for Stripe. 

As an approved contributor, you can enhance your professional profile while earning supplemental income in your spare time.

Do you have current knowledge in this area? 

If so, you're encouraged to apply as a subject matter expert for an upcoming Stripe certification exam, developed online using Certiverse. 

Subject Matter Experts will:

Partner with Stripe to write valid and relevant exam questions to be used in training, assessments, and certification exams.

Create written technical questions that test a user’s knowledge of Stripe, referencing technical documents to support your questions.

Review and comment on existing exam content where it can be improved. 


Item Authoring & Review

Write exam questions and review those written by other experts.

Approximately 15-30 minutes per accepted item

$100 for each item written after it is reviewed and accepted for use in an exam or courseware


Stripe’s infrastructure and suite of APIs powers hundreds of thousands of businesses—including Amazon, Google, Lyft and Zoom—in almost every country around the world. From developers and product managers to founders and CFOs, a broad audience interacts with Stripe’s products and uses them to start, run, and scale their companies. Ninety percent of US adults have purchased from businesses using Stripe and demand for our products is growing around the globe. 

Reach out today to discuss how Certiverse can help you launch something new.